Thursday, February 24, 2005

Real world example

What we are aiming at is what has happened for Tavdi village in Gujarat.

We would like Indians in India/Diaspora Indians to form groups such as Tavdi village group meaning if you are from Ahore, Jalore District, Rajasthan State, join hands with others like you from Ahore spread across the world and start discussions among yourselves. Decide on development work needed in your village, work with NGOs in Anore village or Jalore District or Rajasthan State and execute the development projects such as road construction, water tank, school building, college, hospital, library, micro-enterprise, micro-credit, SHGs etc.

If we can get Indians from each of 6 lakhs villages to setup 6 lakhs discussion groups on this blog, meet and interact with people from their own village and finally contribute and execute the development work in their own village, India will be a developed country in 15 years.

This group can act as a coordinating agency for the 6 lakhs village development groups and help them identify NGOs and projects in their village.

Join the movement.

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