Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Private Global Fund for India's Development

From among the 21 million Diaspora Indians, we are looking for only 0.6 million Diaspora Indians who would adpot 1 village each from among the 0.6 million villages of India for next 10 years and invest a minimum of USD 25,000 per year for next 15 years in their adopted village. They can invest for building roads, water tanks, schools, hospital, health project, SHG formation, community organisation and development, environment, tree plantation and so on and so forth.

The projects will be executed through partner NGOs. One NGO in each District and UT is identified as the District/UT Level Nodal NGO. This District/UT Level Nodal NGO will identify one NGO per Block as the Block Level Execution NGO.

The Block Level Execution NGO will execute your projects in its Block as per your specifications and requirements. Training will be provided in Project Proposal Writing, Project Management, Project Execution, Accounts, Human Resources, Reporting, Leadership, Team Building to all these 2 Levels of NGOs.

10% of the invested amount per year will be utilised as follows:
2.5% Coordination and Administrative Fees
2.5% Capacity Building and Training Fees for all NGOs
2.5% District/UT Level Nodal NGO Administrative Fees
2.5% Block Level Nodal NGO Administrative Fees

Rest of the 90% funds will be used for actual project expenses.

Pick your village at Smart Villages.

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