Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'one mobile per human being'

Path breaking ideas that will change the world

Access to communication through a mobile phone has changed lives of people in urban, semi-urban, semi-rural and rural areas as well as across all continents and countries. It is universal. It gives them access to livelihoods, health, education, rights, water, electricity, road, house, financial transactions, internet and everything else. Now mobile is also a computer, watch, tv, radio, audio player, movie player, camera, calculator, alarm clock, GPS, internet surfing and everything else put into one. Cellphone manufacturers can easily produce a phone for less than $10, in India you can possibly get IIT to design one that will cost only $1 in mass manufacturing. We only need to provide about 4 billion mobiles for free and it can be done at a cost of $4 billion. Almost every mobile service provider from almost 500+ mobile operators in the world will be happy to chip in to do so as it directly gets them service revenues if they provide free phones. Service providers like Vodafone, Airtel, AT&T etc will buy phones from mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Siemens, LG etc and provide free lifetime connection and free 3 months of outgoing service. After that user pays for service in pre-paid fashion. Incoming is lifetime free.

Weather forecast can be sent as sms to fishermen along the coast so that they will not go into the sea during bad weather or if they are already in the sea, they can reach the coast quickly. Millions of lives can be saved every year.
A local call on landline costs between Re 1 to Rs. 3. With cellphone, it can be done for 50 paise. For poor people this is huge savings.IncomeFor skilled labour such as plumber, electrician, carpenter, daily wage labour, farm worker, mason, painter etc, a mobile means their customers can easily reach them at any time. This leads to increase in their business and earnings.
Any type of information can be accessed using sms google search. Local business details, prices of crop, items etc in other markets, cities.
Mobile can double up as watch, alarm clock, calculator, radio, audio player, movie player, internet access.
Using banking services of companies like eko.in, mobile can act as ATM to deposit or withdraw cash, even take small loans.
Mobile repair, solar mobile charging stations and other livelihood opportunities can be generated in millions if every human being has a mobile.
Govts can send details of welfare schemes, important policy changes, other relevant messages to entire population in an instant.
General news, public service messages, awareness programs, educational and health programs can be sent easily by text messages.
Service Providers
Utility bills for water, electricity, phone, cable tv, dth, Taxes such as property, water, road can be billed and collected easily over mobile phone.
Unique Identification
Each human being can have his/her cell phone # as a unique identifier for the person.
Air, train, bus tickets, products, services can be purchased using m-commerce. Banking transactions can be done.

Benefits to Cellphone operators
4 billion new cellphones @ Rs. 250/$5 per month average service revenue will result into annual revenues of $240 billion.
Benefits to Cellphone manufacturers
4 billion new cellphones @ 10% upgrade or replacement required every year means 400 million new cellphones required every year. @ Rs. 1,000/$20 per cellphone, this will result into $8 billion revenues.
Benefits to World Economy
4 billion new cellphones @ Rs. 500/$10 per month increase in economic activity will result into world GDP increasing by $480 billion.

If you have old mobile, used cell phone, discarded cellphones that you are not using, please donate them to us for this project. If you want to donate new phones for this project, please make a donation of $10 or Rs. 500 per phone you want to donate. Contact us at sploonker@gmail.com

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