Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Social Entrepreneurs in the making

Check out these interesting men and women and their meaningful "next" lives
Rahul Verghese (Ex Motorola, gave up his high powered marketing job and started runningandliving.com)
"I started enjoying the tremendous psychological, health, and other benefits of running only after the age of 40. My mission is to help every man woman and child, unleash their personal potential by rekindling their joy of running. It's amazing what such a simple thing can do for you. It's no wonder that running is the most participative and fastest growing 'sport' in the world. Our goal is to get 200 million people to take up running"

Abodh Aras, (Abodh was formerly with the customer services and sales department of DHL Worldwide Express) now works with Stray dogs!

Chief Executive Officer, W.S.D (Welfare of Stray dogs), Mumbai

Manish & Arti Jain, Founders, Friendsofbooks.com (Manish is a Software Architect who built software in the US for several years, before returning to India. He is an IIT Roorkee and Texas Tech University alumni, who loves to read as much as he loves to code. www.friendsofbooks.com is his labor of love.Arti has a BA in English from Delhi University, an MA in Mass Communication from Jamia and an MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Arti is an independent media professional in her "other" life.). They started up an online library from where books can be rented.

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