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An Introductory Workshop For Entrepreneurial Non Profits

An Introductory Workshop For Entrepreneurial Non Profits

Venue: Accountability House, A-5, Sector 26, Noida

June 5-6,2009

Organised by:

Centre for Training and Research in Responsible Business & Social Entrepreneurship

Knowledge Partner:

Centre for Social Initiatives & Management, Hyderabad


A clear message which has emerged from the recent Davos meet is that Business and Governments have lost peoples’ Trust worldwide. On the other hand peoples’ Trust in civil society organizations has increased with communities around the world expressing their faith in the ability of not for profit and for profit civil society organizations to provide solutions to the problems of the common man.

The global financial meltdown and the steep fall in peoples’ trust in big business has opened the doors for Social Entrepreneurs. Social Enterprise, which aims at earning a profit along with achieving maximum social value, it is now being felt, is the answer for the growing retrenchment and increasing unemployment.

Social Entrepreneurs are seen as agencies whose mission orientation and strategic intervention through innovative programmes have helped in addressing issues of poverty and social discrimination. They provide the jobs, skills, and services that are needed to hold the economy and communities together in times of crisis.

A number of Social Entrepreneurs in India have proved through actions their capability to bring about the needed change. NGOs are finding it increasingly difficult to finance their on going projects because of lack of adequate finances. Many NGOs are looking for ways and means to generate internal revenues to finance the projects and gain sustainability. The move towards becoming Social Entrepreneurs is gaining strength.

The two day workshop will introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship, provide an insight into the working of social entrepreneurs to address organisational and resource challenges. It will attempt to orient socially conscious individuals and civil society organisations to the opportunities and needs in the social sector and social entrepreneurship as a means to make social work practice sustainable and effective.


This workshop is an attempt to explain the important breakthroughs in social entrepreneurship. Participants learn what social entrepreneurship is, and how to develop and implement customized plans for social entrepreneurship. This Workshop will cover:

1. An overall framework for understanding social entrepreneurship

2. Benefits of being more entrepreneurial

3. Why private, government and business funders should support social entrepreneurship

4. Major social entrepreneurship strategies and important considerations (product and service sales, free-standing businesses, partnership with corporations)

Special features of this training include:

1. Focused on nuts-and-bolts activities of planning social entrepreneurship activities for your organization

2. Instruction from experts on social entrepreneurship

3. Comprehensive, well-organized and substantive training materials

4. Case Studies of Successful Social Enterprises

Who Should Attend:

This is a workshop for Social Entrepreneurs and not for profit organizations aspiring to generate internal revenues to sustain their social projects Employees responsible for Corporate Responsibility in Corporate house will benefit by learning about the operations of social enterprises and how business can support such ventures to win community goodwill. The workshop will provide students an opportunity to learn how to create social enterprises as a career option.


Introducing the Workshop

Understanding Social Entrepreneurship

Speaker: Prof K.L.Shrivastava, Centre for Social Initiatives & Management

Need for Not for Profits to take up Social Enterprises

Speaker: Anshu Gupta, Goonj

Business Development Strategy For Entrepreneurial Non Profits

Positioning & Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurial Non Profits

Speaker: Suresh Kr Pramar

Leveraging Corporate CSR to promote Social Entrepreneurship

Speaker: Vikas Goswami, Lead CSR Microsoft

Leveraging Government support to promote Social Entrepreneurship

Case Studies: Prof K L Shrivastava

Site Visit: Goonj


Prof K.L.Shrivastava, CSIM, Hyderabad, has been involved in training Social Entrepreneurs for the past almost a decade. Many of his past pupils are successful social entrepreneurs

Vikas Goswami, Lead CSR Microsoft, is a CSR expert who has almost two decades of experience in Corporate Responsibility. She is both knowledgeable and an excellent speaker

Anshu Gupta is the Founder Director of Goonj. A grassroot worker Anshu has built Goonj into a very effectivev social organization working for the welfare of the poor and needy.

Suresh Kr Pramar, Executive Director, Centre for Training and Research in Responsible Business, is a journalist by profession.

Acceptance of more Speakers is awaited.

Certificate: Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all participants at the end of the workshop.

Registration Fee: Corporates, Corporate sponsored Foundations, Funding Agencies Rs 5,000, NGOs,Social Entrepreneurs and SMEs Rs 4,000 Students: Graduate students Rs 1,500, Post Graduate and IITs Rs 2,500 Limited seats available. The fee does not include accommodation or conveyance. Registration on typed paper providing the following Name, Age, Organisation, Address, Cell Phone No., Email Id Cheque/DD No. along with fee should be sent to Suresh Kr Pramar, 3A, Nilgiri 3, Sector 34, Noida 201301. Cheques/DD should be made out in the name of CRBiz, Noida. Participants from outside New Delhi/Noida should make payments through Demand Draft.


The Organisers: The Centre for Training & Research in Responsible Business and Social Entrepreneurship are pioneers in organizing workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility. We have so far conducted five well attended workshops on CSR in various parts of the country: New Delhi Oct 2007, Hyderabad January 2008, Chennai April 2008, Bangalore September 2008 and New Delhi December 2008. These workshops have attracted participation from several PSUs, Private Sector units, National and International NGOs and students. The Centre is part of the Global Gandhian Trusteeship and Corporate Responsibility Foundation, a registered Trust.

Knowledge Partner: The Center for Social Initiative & Management (CSIM) is a business school for social work professionals. CSIM helps create a fertile base for socially motivated individuals to discover their innate capabilities, enable them enhance their personality, equip them with management skills to launch their social initiatives. This process enables to transform their vision into action. CSIM has centers at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Part Sponsor: The Sehgal Foundation was established to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in rural India. Its goal is to empower individuals and communities to take care of themselves, and eventually help them become self-sufficient. In order to be self-reliant, it is essential that development is multidimensional, and to achieve this, the Foundation promotes an Integrated, Sustainable Village Development (ISVD) model.

This Workshop was originally to be held on April 16-17, 2008. It was postponed due to the National Election

Suresh Kr Pramar, Executive Director

3 A, Nilgiri 3, Sector 34, Noida

Cell: 9213133042


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