Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Future of development in India

We strongly believe that solution for poverty and social problems in India has two major solutions, namely, Micro-finance and Social Enterprises. Micro-finance includes micro-credit, micro-savings, micro-insurance, micro-pension and micro-health. Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Development is key for rural India. The for-profit business model with social ethics and values is the solution. Grant making is required but is not going to help solve the issues at a large scale that India requires.

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sidagrwal said...

well, i think we must work on a idea, that comes out with investing in villages as a Lucrative Bussiness model,since there has to be some luring for the big Honchos to invest in villages.Since, roads and other basic amenities involve govt. interaction more(70%), so it wont be viable to invite investors in such things, rather there are other channels throgh which they can invest, i mean just like shares or banks, in which we invest in banks and then banks invest in the industries and other govt. schemes.Now , this opens for us making model for both the End investors and the middle man.So, anyways we can work out something like that.

Anyways, i will also be joining NMIMS Core 2007-2009.So, if possible and suitable, we can work on this.

Develop India said...

I tried emailing you several times but did not hear from you. Drishtee Development Communication Ltd is one such company who is following this model and setting up Village marketplaces. President Kalam's PURA plan is on the same line. If you are interested to put this into action, email me at sploonker@gmail.com, DDCL above is looking for entrepreneurs to setup such village hubs.