Monday, May 02, 2005

Follow the Chinese model

Just like China is developing a socks city, a pant city, a shirt city, etc to ensure that they have extremely high growth in textile industry we also need to ensure that our core focus knowledge industry also grows well.

We should also build like a dozen knowledge cities. In each of the knowledge cities we should have IIT + IIM + IISc + AIIMS. The “Indian Institute” part being common amongst them will create the necessary hype around it for media to provide this good coverage. We should allow private sector to take 100% stake in these knowledge cities which will further ensure more hype and marketing around it.

Concentrating a certain industry in an area and developing infrastructure around it always attracts talent, investments and businesses. This model is amply proven by Chinese in their various export zones or specific product zones. India has also achieved a certain level of success in past with this model in their STP-software technology park concept and more recently in EPZ-export processing zones such as for floriculture, agriculture, leather, food processing, automotive etc.

ChandraPrakash Loonker

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